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North America

Produced by Silverback Films Limited & Discovery Channel

North America began transmitting on Discovery US on Sunday 19th May and Discovery UK on Thursday 23rd May 2013.

Series Descriptions

A hugely ambitious project, North America is a spectacular and scene-setting journey across the length and breadth of the continent, which will not only feature the iconic landscapes and animals for which it is renowned; but will reveal how the continent’s position and shape has led to its unique assemblage of natural wonders and sensational wildlife events.

Program Descriptions

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Born to be Wild
Born to Be Wild takes viewers on an extraordinary journey through the wildest places in North America – from the snow capped mountains of the north to the steamy jungles of the south, from the storm battered plains of America’s heartland to the parched deserts of the west. Up close we meet an incredible array of wildlife, both familiar and exotic, that lives right here in our backyard. Wolves and whales, snakes and sea turtles, monkeys and mountain goats are all neighbors in this grand landscape. Through epic cinematography and compelling storytelling we experience their struggle for survival in this land of extremes.
Outlaws and Skeletons
Outlaws and Skeletons opens with a dramatic wolf and bison hunt, shot in intimate close ups and sweeping Cineflex aerials like it’s never been seen before. Macro photography takes us into the hidden world of a male jumping spider and his search for love in this endless ocean of grass. A world of extreme storms and unpredictable blizzards, this land tests all those who set foot on it. From bunker building prairie dogs to the fastest land animals on the continent, here the fight to survive shapes all those who dare call this unforgiving place home.
Learn Young or Die
Learn Young or Die explores the extreme upper reaches of this vast continent. Here in North America are some of the world’s tallest peaks. Storm battered at the top they give way to dense forests that are filled with extraordinary wildlife and the tallest and oldest trees on the planet. Through both epic and intimate cinematography, we enter the secret world of America’s most remote places where survival is a daily battle. From avalanche-dodging Grizzlies to head-bashing Big Horn, from elusive Mountain Lions to cunning Coyote, from winter’s deep freeze to summer’s deadly fires, we witness the extremes and the wonders of North America’s mountains and forests.
No Place to Hide
No Place to Hide Water drives all life in this parched land. Gangs of wild mustangs battle for the right to drink. Sudden flash floods crash through Arizona’s sandstone canyons. From Death Valley to the deserts of Mexico, creatures battle for survival with astounding adaptations. Frogs emerge from the bone-dry earth after a sudden rain. Ferocious jaguars prowl the lonely darkness under the spinning stars. The desert is more alive than you ever imagined. Here, human and animal lives alike endure at the mercy of the elements.
The Savage Edge
The Savage Edge The water edge is America’s final frontier. Here human civilization and untamable wilderness collide on a razor’s edge. Just a few feet off Miami’s crowded beaches, astounding aerials reveal a massive migration of tens of thousand of sharks. Those who live on America’s edge must face the savage forces that storm in from the sea. Our crew braved the elements to film the landfall of one of the most powerful hurricanes to hit the American coast in ways it’s never been seen before. From Peregrine Falcons that fiercely defend the stark cliffs of California… to a band of maverick dolphins that have learned to hunt by chasing fish onto land, join us as we go inside the explosive collisions that define the continent’s coasts.
Revealed To film North America our specialist film crews spent 3 years travelling across the length and breadth of this vast continent. With over 2800 days in the field – covering 8 countries and nearly 30 US States – this episode shows what it took to reveal the full wonders of North America as never before. Many of our shoots required exceptional skill and tested the crews to their mental and physical limits, whether it was trekking across the Rockies’ bone chilling peaks in the middle of winter in the search for mountain goats or filming hugely elusive animals like jaguars and mountain lions, or getting close to battling bull bison. But perhaps the most dangerous mission of all was when one team went head to head with Hurricane Irene, the biggest storms of the decade.
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